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Funding Resources

"Dance Links" was begun by dance videographer Amy Reusch
on behalf of the newsgroup alt.arts.ballet *
and has been the work of three people:  James White, Jon Wright and Amy Reusch

Funding Resources
Artswire's Listing of United States Arts Agencies on the net [NYFA publication therefor New York centric]
American Dance Awards (Competition w/ scholarships)
American Dance Institute's Philip Jerry Memorial Scholarship
Arts Awards Service -Dance [Canada Council] (Fundraisers resource)
ArtsNet at Carnegie Mellon
AT&T Foundation
Australia:'s Funding resources page
USA: California Arts Council
USA: California: Summer Scholarships for High School Students to CalArts
Canada: The Canada Council for the Arts Dance Programs
Canada: Funding for Canadian Arts Video from Bravo!Fact
USA: Connecticut Commission on the Arts (USA)
USA: Connecticut: Greater Hartford Arts Council
Craig and Vartorella International Marketing & Advertising, Inc. - fund raising
USA: Dance Advance (for Philadelphia area)
DanceArts Foundation, Inc. (umbrella for the Eleanor King Trust) (page down to bottom)
DanceWEB Scholarship
The Peter Darrell Trust and The Peter Darrell Choreographic Award
The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS
USA: Florida: Miami Dance Futures, Inc.
The Foundation Center (fundraisers resource)
Fulbright: Selma Jeanne Cohen Fund for International Scholarship on Dance
Fundsnet Services
Grantmakers in the Arts (
GrantsNet Gopher
Great Britain: The Arts Council of England
International: Gunk Foundation Public Art Grants
USA: Connecticut: The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
USA: New York Howard Gilman Foundation
USA: Texas: Houston: The Cultural Arts Council of Houston
USA: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (choreography)
Canada: Katherine Labelle Dance Society
USA: California: Los Angeles County Arts Grant Programs
Canada: Toronto: Metro Toronto Cultural Grants
USA: Michigan: Arts Serve Michigan
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
National Coalition of United Arts Funds
National Dance Residency Program (NYFA)
National Endowment for the Arts (USA)
National Iniatitive to Preserve American DAnce (NIPAD)
NEA Grant AWARDS: State by State Listing
Nebraska Arts Council (gopher) (USA)
New England Foundation for the Arts (USA)
New York Foundation for the Arts ["NYFA"] (National Program, USA)
NYFA's BUILD program (Building Up Infrastructure Levels for Dance)
NYFA Source search here for programs that support choreographers or dancers
NYFA's collection of Fundraising Resources for Arts Organizations
North Dakota Council on the Arts (ND, USA)
Ohio Arts Council (OH, USA)
Save As: Dance (dance preservation funding)
South Carolina Arts Commission
State Arts Council of Oklahoma (OK, USA)
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Philanthropy Journal of North Carolina (NC, USA)
Rudolf Nureyev Foundation (Liechtenstein)
Save As: Dance
Selma Jeanne Cohen Fund for International Scholarship on Dance
South Carolina Arts Commission (SC, USA)
Tennesee: Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga
Texas: Texas Commission on the Arts
USIA Educational & Cultural Exchanges (USA)
USA International Ballet Competition

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