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Dance Index Resources

"Dance Links" was largely taken from the list compiled for alt.arts.ballet by
Amy Reusch, Dance Videographer,
and James S. White is maintained by Jon Wright,

The alt.arts.ballet newgroup was founded in May 1994 by Eliot Aronstern.
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Dance Index Resources

The American Dance Guild
Artist Page - in Japanese
@URL Arts Resources - Dance
Arts Wire Dance Gopher
Artslynx Dance Resources
Index of Ballets: Kuwayama
Index of Ballets: Souche
Index of Ballets: New York City Ballet
Index of Ballets: American Ballet Theatre
Australian Dance Companies
Belly Dancing Sites (collected by David Duncan)
Big Bruce's British Ballet Pages
Chicago Dance Events
Contemporary Dance, dance-theatre and performance in Berlin
CyberDance - Ballet on the Net
Dance Conferences (that Princeton Books will be at)
Dance Connection
Dance in Berlin
Dance in Brussels
Dance in France (Descendanse)
Dance in Germany
Dance In Ireland
Dance in Italy
Dance in Vancouver, Canada
Dance On The Web (Artswire/DanceUSA's WWW Virtual Library dance site index)
Dance Directory at
Dancers Archive Gopher
Dance Links (this collection)
A Dancer's Page
Dance (not obvious by whom -- pretty Degas images though)
Dance Resources at Worldwide Art Resources
The Electronic Dancer BBS
Flamenco direct from Andalucia
Flamenco in the SF Bay Area
Flamenco: The German Flamenco Pages
Henry Neeman's Dance Hotlist
In Motion: Index of Dancers Pages on Millenium
Jazz: Bob Boross' site all about Jazz Dance, links, history, news
Metrobeat: Dance Companies
Milwaukee Dance Scene
Millenium Arts On-line Dance Section
NYC Dance Page
Oriental Dance on the Web
Southern California Dance Companies (Louise Reichlin's work)
Sussex Dance
TANZOriental (German) Dance Theater Information Site)
Victor Eijkhout's dance page (mostly folk/social references)
Worldwide Dance Pages Directory's Dance Listings
Yahoo's Index of Dance URLs

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