Customers who do not have a Gaynor Minden retailer near them may wish to order directly from us.

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are wonderfully different. Gaynor Minden pioneered the use of high-tech impact reduction in ballet shoes; our shock-absorbing design is now doctor-recommended. Our unbreakbale elastomeric shanks flatter the foot while ensuring buoyant support and a durability unattainable in conventional pointe shoe construction.

Gaynor Minden's fitting and sizing are different too. Because they are made from advanced materials that do not deteriorate or lose their shape, they must never be fitted too tight, too wide, or too stiff. We allow the dancer to specify six different parts of her shoe without a costly special order. This lets the dancer customize her pointe shoes to best serve her own individual needs. Our special cushions make the shoes even more comfortable and customized.

If this is your first pair of Gaynor Mindens please do not attempt to size yourself. Complete the Order Form and the Dancer Info Form and trace your feet on a separate piece of paper. Print, complete and mail both forms with the foot tracings to: Gaynor Minden, 140 West 16th Street, NY, NY 10011. Our fitters will select a size and style on the basis of the information you provide so it is important you fill them out completely. The shoes we send you are our best recommendation for you, but we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. Read our return policy carefully. Call us if you have any concerns about the fit before wearing shoes or sewing on the ribbons or elastic.

Please mail us a set of foot tracings on a separate piece of paper. For best results, use a pen (not a pencil or Magic Marker) and put your full weight onto the foot being traced. Keeping the pen in an upright vertical position, make clean, unbroken lines. Be sure to write your name inside each tracing. NOTE: Do not fax foot tracings! Faxes can distort image size.
Basic Information Fitting Preferences
Name _________________________________ Preferred Shank Strength (when perfectly broken in):
Height _______ Weight _______ Age _____
Very Hard
Very Soft
Street Shoe Size ____________________ My Arches Are:
Pointe Work Level (please circle one)
Very High
Preferred Heel Height:
Preferred Vamp Height:
What Padding Do You Wear Inside Your Pointe Shoes?
Number of Years Dancing En Pointe ______
Hours Per Week En Pointe ______
School/Company Where You Dance
Other Pointe shoes (Brands, styles, lengths, widths):
We recommend using our Fitting Kit rather than bulky toe pads or lambs' wool. However, if you intend to use Toe-Flos or other large pads, please indicate above. Our fitters must take them into account when selecting a size for you.
List Any Injuries Affecting Your Pointe Work: What Do You Particularly Like or Dislike About How Your Pointe Shoes Fit?


We will gladly accept returns for exchanges or refunds from shoes purchased directly from us as long as they are spotlessly clean and in new condition inside and out. Shoes that have been scuffed, danced in, had ribbons or elastic attached or have had the ends of drawstrings pulled through will not be accepted. Items returned for refund must be received at Gaynor Minden within 30 days of the time you received them. Exchanges may be made at any time.

Please ship returns to: Gaynor Minden, Inc., 140 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011