Fitters: Choose the Right Specifications

Fitting Step by Step

Remember! Gaynor Minden's satin has minimal stretch and our shanks and boxes do not soften or "break-in". Allow enough length, and be sure the shoe is sufficiently pliable.

Introduction to Fitting Gaynor Minden pointe shoes

Fitting Gaynor Minden pointe shoes is logical and easy to learn.

As in fitting conventional pointe shoes:

  • You never fit with "room to grow".
  • The toe box must be snug.
    (Reason: a shoe that is too big cannot provide proper support.)

Unlike fitting conventional paste shoes:

  • You allow 1/8" to 1/4" pinch (at the top of the heel by the drawstring casing) when on pointe.
    (Reason: our satin does not stretch as much as conventional satin does.)
  • You select a shoe stiffness that will never change; there is no "breaking in" or softening.
    (Reason: our shanks and boxes are elastomeric; they never weaken.)
  • A Gaynor Minden "size" consists of six variables; length is just one of them. You specify all six.

Download Fitters Sheet (PDF)

Determine length and box.

Determine width.

Select stiffness and vamp.

Select heel.

Consider a sleekfit.

Fine tune the fit.