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Part 6: Reading List

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Part 6 of seven parts

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    Reading List
    1. Books
      1. Introductory Books
      2. General History
      3. Biography, Memoirs, and Specific History
      4. Criticism and Analysis
      5. Reference
      6. Source Materials
      7. Technique
      8. Stretching, fitness, & sports/dance medicine
      9. Books for young people
      10. Dance photography
      11. Fiction
      12. Miscellaneous
    2. Periodicals

  1. Reading List

    1. Books

      You will never learn ballet or any other kind of dance just by reading about it; you will never learn a step that way. But you should know the cultural and historical background of your art, even if you are an amateur, and once you have been shown a step, it helps to have an additional description to which you can refer at home.

      A list like this is necessarily incomplete. Moreover, dance books seem to go out of print more quickly than do other books, so some of these may be difficult to find except in a well-stocked library. The nucleus of this list consists of books that can probably provide answers to questions like the ones in this FAQ; but most of the list now consists of books that have been recommended by people on a.a.b. New books are added in almost every release of this FAQ.

      1. Introductory Books

        Dufort, Anthony. Ballet Steps: Practice to Performance. Potter, 1990; ISBN 0-517-57770-4. Describes, with words and excellent drawings, the essential steps and movements of ballet. Starts with warm-ups, then barre and center work, partnering, and shows how these moves are assembled using examples of classical ballets. NOT a textbook for students; intended for an audience member to help appreciate the language of ballet. (Summary courtesy of

        Early, Barbara. Finding the Best Dance Instruction: Look before you Leap. Betterway Books, 1992, ISBN 1-55870-259-8. Finding a dance school for you or your child. For people who are just starting out.

        Elliott, Donald. Frogs and Ballet. Illustrated by Clinton Arrowood Gambit, 1979; ISBN 0-87645-119-9. A whimsical book that explains some of the more common moves, demonstrated in the illustrations by frogs. Although at first glance it may look like a children's book, the text is quite wry and sophisticated. (Summary courtesy of

        Greskovic, Robert. Ballet 1.0.1. New York: Hyperion, 1998, ISBN 0-7868-8155-0. As its name implies, a general introduction. History, dancers, watching ballet, and a summary of a few representative ballets. Includes extensive glossary and bibliography.

        Jacob, Ellen. Dancing: the All-in-One Guide for Dancers, Teachers, and Parents. Revised edition. New York: Variety Arts, 1993, ISBN 0-937180-10-6. This and Robbins (below) are probably the best introductory books. Jacobs does not restrict herself to ballet but describes the dance world generally: what it's like to dance; dance for amateurs, children, and professionals; what the options are; what classes are like; what a career may be like.

        Kerner, Mary. Barefoot to Balanchine: How to Watch Dance. Anchor Books, 1990, ISBN: 0-385-26436-4. Contains a brief history of dance, chapters on choreographers, steps, combinations, training, and how performances are mounted. (Summary courtesy of

        Paskevska, Anna. Getting Started in Ballet: a Parent's Guide to Dance Education. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1997, ISBN 0-19-511716-6. An excellent general introduction; a good complement to Barbara Early's book.

        Robbins, Jane. Classical Dance. New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1981, ISBN 0-03-048941-5, probably out of print. The other of the two good introductory books. This one is more for spectators; Jacobs is more for aspiring dancers. Strictly ballet; describes some steps in remarkably great detail for an introductory, non-professional book. Summarizes some ballets and provides a concise but exceptionally good history of technique.

        Terry, Walter. Ballet Companion. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1968.

      2. General History

        Anderson, Jack. Ballet and Modern Dance: a Concise History. Second edition. Princeton: Princeton Book Company, 1986, ISBN 0-87127-172-9. Shorter and less comprehensive than either Kirstein or Sachs, but more recent and (IMHO) more readable. This is the history of dance I would have written, if I could.

        --------. Art Without Boundaries. University of Iowa Press, 1997, ISBN 0-87745583-X. A very thorough look at the evolution of modern dance from both US and German perspectives.

        Au, Susan. Ballet and Modern Dance. Thames & Hudson, 1988, ISBN 0-500-20219-2. Also a college text, slightly less focussed on the US than Anderson, but no primary source materials.

        Hilton, Wendy. Dance and Music of Court and Theater--Selected Writings of Wendy Hilton. Reprint, Pendragon Press, Dance & Music Series No. 101997, ISBN 0-945193-98-X. Facsimile of 1981 book, Dance of Court and Theater with two other articles added. Includes a complete course in reading dance notation of the period.

        Kirstein, Lincoln. Dance: A Short History of Classic Theatrical Dancing. Princeton: Princeton Book Company, 1987, ISBN 87127-019-6. Covers everything from ancient times to approximately the 1940s.

        --------. Four Centuries of Ballet. New York: Dover Books, ISBN 0-486-24631-0. Some general historical background followed by discussions of fifty ballets. Generously illustrated.

        Lawson, Joan. A History of Ballet and Its Makers. London: Pitman Pub. Corp., 1964. More narrowly focussed than Sorell, Kirstein, or Sachs but, within its limits, more detailed.

        Quirey, Belinda. May I have the Pleasure? London: Dance Books, 1976 (in U.S., Princeton: Princeton Books), ISBN 1-85273-000-5. A history of social dancing, apparently based on a BBC television series. Interesting and informative.

        Reyna, Ferdinando and Dienis, Jean-Claude. Histoire du ballet, second edition. Paris: Editions A. Somogy, 1991. ISBN 2-85056-151-7. A rather complete little book about dance history (but maybe focusing a bit too much on French dance), with an interesting index of ballets and many photographs and drawings.

        Sachs, Kurt. World History of the Dance. New York: Norton, 1953, apparently out of print. The definitive history in its time, now dated but not yet superseded.

        Sorell, Walter. Dance in its Time. New York: Columbia University Press, 1981, ISBN 0-231-06391-1. A social history of dance.

        Tatchell, Judy. The World of Ballet. Usborne Publishing, 1994, ISBN 0-7460-1692-1. Lots and lots of pretty pictures; at first glance it seems to be ALL pictures, but there's a lot of info crammed in there, too. Gives hints on watching ballets, describes the changing styles from century to century, costumes, scenery, also describes (with photos and captions) the basic moves, gives short bios of some famous dancers and choreographers and companies, short synopses of about 30 ballets. (Summary courtesy of

      3. Biography, Memoirs, and Specific History

        Acocella, Joan. Mark Morris. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1993, ISBN 0-374-20295-8.

        Anderson, Jack. The One and Only, the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Princeton: Princeton Books, 1981, 0-87127-127-3, out of print. Before the Ford Foundation money, the Ballet Russes style was American ballet.

        --------. The American Dance Festival. Duke University Press, 1987, ISBN 0-8223-0683-2. History of the festival with a great index to productions and teachers.

        Ashley, Merrill. Dancing for Balanchine. New York: Dutton, 1984, ISBN 0-525-24280-5. A memoir, but full of technical detail as well as the usual reminiscences; explains why Balanchine thought battement tendu so important. Required reading for any serious student.

        Banes, Sally. Democracy's Body: Judson Dance Theater 1962-1964. Duke University Press, 1993, ISBN 0-8223-1399-5. Painstaking documentation of a volatile period.

        --------. Terpsichore in Sneakers. 2nd ed. University Press of New England, 1987, ISBN 0-8195-6160-6. (Make sure to get the second edition; it has an extended introduction with a wonderful pocket analysis/description of postmodern dance.)

        Bentley, Toni. Costumes by Karinska. New York: Harry Abrams, 1995, ISBN 0-8109-3516-3. A gorgeous coffee-table book about the extraordinary designer who produced most of the costumes for the New York City Ballet. Lavishly illustrated.

        Blair, Fredrika. Isadora Portrait of the Artist as a Woman. McGraw-Hill, 1985, ISBN 0-07-005598-X, out of print. Probably the best of the biographies.

        Cohen, Selma Jeanne. The Modern Dance: Seven Statements of Belief. Wesleyan University Press, 1966, ISBN 0-8195-6003-0. Interviews seven modern choreographers (including Nikolais, Limon, Sokolow), includes their responses to a hypothetical commission (choreograph a work about the Prodigal Son!)

        Crowle, Pigeon (pseud.). Moira Shearer: Portrait of a dancer. London, Faber and Faber, 1949, pre-ISBN.

        De Mille, Agnes. Dance to the Piper. Da Capo Press, 1980, ISBN 0-306-79613--9. From California youth through Oklahoma.

        --------. Martha: the Life and Work of Martha Graham. New York: Random House/Vintage, 1991, ISBN 0-679-74176-3 (paper). A respectful biography but one that pulls no punches.

        Dunham, Katherine. A Touch of Innocence. University of Chicago Press, 1994, ISBN 0-226-17112-4. Early life, how she got to Haiti.

        Fokine, Michel. Fokine: Memoirs of a Ballet Master. Boston: Little, Brown, 1961.

        Fonteyn, Margot. Autobiography. Warner, 1977, ISBN 0-446-81380-X. Descriptions of early Royal Ballet especially nice.

        Garafola, Lynn. Diaghilev's Ballet Russe. Oxford University Press, 1992, ISBN 0-19-507604-4. Thorough discussion of a complex and influential part of dance history.

        Graham, Martha. Blood Memory. Pocket Books, 1992, ISBN 0-671-78217-7.

        Green, Martin. Mountain of Truth: The Counterculture Begins--Ascona 1900-1920. University of New England Press, 1986, ISBN 0-87451-365-0. Genesis of Rudolph Laban's work (also beginnings of Germany's Green Party).

        Gruen, John. People Who Dance. Princeton: Princeton Books (juvenile), 1988, ISBN 0-916622-74-6, out of print.

        Guerrier, Claudine. Michael Denard : l'interprète et la creation Paris: Chiron, 1992. ISBN 2-7027-0474-3. A book about Michael Denard's career. The author often has a somewhat awkward style, but knows a lot of things about Denard's career, and the Paris Opéra Ballet in general.

        Guest, Ivor Forbes. Le ballet de l'Opera de Paris : trois siecles d'histoire et de tradition. Trans. Paul Alexandre. Paris: Theatre national de l'Opéra, c1976. ISBN not known. A very nice book about the POB--very complete, including a list of its repertory until 1976, a list of its ballet masters and main dancers, many anecdotes.

        Hodgson, John, and Preston-Dunlop, Valerie Rudolph. Laban: An Introduction to His Work and Influence. Princeton: Princeton Books, 0-7463-0584-2, out of print. Just what it says.

        Horosko, Marian: Martha Graham: The Evolution of Her Dance Theory and Training 1926-1991. Includes discussion of Graham technique by many Graham dancers past and present from Bessie Schonberg to Christine Dakin and a syllabus from the Graham school as well as a listing of the dancers and works over the years. [Suzie Snyder]

        Humphrey, Doris. Doris Humphrey: An Artist First. University Press of New England, 1972, ISBN 0-8195-6054-5, out of print. Humphrey's autobiography, finished by Selma Jeanne Cohen.

        Kahane, Martine. Les Ballets russes à l'Opéra de Paris: Hazan/Bibliothèque nationale, c1992. ISBN 2-85025-249-2. Published in conjunction with the exhibit Les Ballets Russes à l'Opéra, held at the Bibliotheque-Musée de l'Opéra in 1992. A very nice book, quite similar to Richard Shead's book, except that it focuses on Paris seasons (Shead's deals more with London seasons), and it includes pages about all the ballets they danced (first cast, plot, etc.) and many excerpts of reviews or books (of people such as Cocteau, Rodin, etc.)

        Kain, Karen. Movement Never Lies: An Autobiography. (with Stephen Godfrey and Penelope Reed Doob). Toronto: McClelland & Stewart Inc., 1995, ISBN 0-7710-4575-1. Her training and career with National Ballet of Canada. "Rich in details of the dancer's life."--Steve Keeley.

        Karsavina, Tamara. Theater Street. 2nd ed. Princeton: Princeton Books, 1981, ISBN 0-903102-47-1. Autobiography, description of life at the Maryinsky as well as early Ballet Russe.

        Kavanagh, Julie. Secret Muses: the Life of Frederick Ashton. New York: Pantheon, 1996, ISBN 0-679-44269-3.

        Kendall, Elizabeth. Where She Danced: The Birth of American Art Dance. University of California Press, 1984, ISBN 0-520-05173-4. With this, the Blair and Shelton, excellent overview of the birth of American Modern Dance.

        Klosty, James, ed. Merce Cunningham. Dutton, 1985, ISBN 0-8415-0372-9, out of print. Hard to find, but great essays by many former collaborators and company members.

        Kochno, Boris. Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, translated from the French by Adrienne Foulke. Alfred A. Knopf, 1970, no ISBN. Kochno was Diaghilev's personal secretary during the final decade of the Ballets Russes and was the company's official historian. A beautiful large-format book loaded with photos, design illustrations for sets and costumes, and reprints from the original programs, and the text describes the genesis of each of Diaghilev's productions. (Note from Tim Victor.)

        Levieux, Francette and Duvernoy, Anne. Michael Denard danse l'Oiseau de feu : ballet de Maurice Bejart Paris: Julliard, c1979. ISBN 2-260-00185-8. A book about Bejart's version of "The Firebird" (premiered by the POB in 1970, with Michael Denard in the main role), interesting mostly because of its numerous beautiful photographs in black and white.

        Lieven, Prince Peter. The Birth of the Ballets Russes. Trans. by L. Zarine. George Allen & Unwin, 1936. Reprint with new introduction by Catherine Lieven Ritter. New York: Dover Books, 1973.

        Livingston, Lili Cockerille. American Indian Ballerinas. Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1997, ISBN 0-8061-2896-8. Rosella Hightower, Maria and Marjorie Tallchief, and Yvonne Chouteau. A fascinating account, with many personal reminiscences from the dancers themselves.

        Mannoni, Gérard. Les Étoiles de l'Opéra de Paris; Paris: Théàtre national de l'Opéra de Paris: S. Messinger, 1981. ISBN 2-86583-010-1. (Second edition, 1982, ISBN 2-86583-024-1.). Biographies of all the POB étoiles in 1981, with photos by Colette Masson.

        Mason, Francis, editor. I Remember Balanchine. New York: Doubleday Anchor Books, 1991, ISBN 0-385-26611-1. Reminiscences of dancers and others who worked with Balanchine. A good view of ballet in general and 20th-century ballet history as well as of Balanchine.

        Masson, Colette and Mannoni, Gerard. Maurice Bejart. Paris: Editions Plume, 1991. ISBN 2-84110-033-2. About Bejart (interviews of him, many photographs by Masson, chronology of all his ballets.)

        Mazo, Joseph. Prime Movers. Princeton: Princeton Books, 1983, ISBN 0-916622-27-4, out of print. History of American Modern Dance.

        McDonagh, Don. Rise and Fall and Rise of Modern Dance. A Capella Books, 1990, 1-55652-089-1. Some factual errors, but nice description of transition in modern dance in the 60's.

        Migel, Parmenia. The Ballerinas: From the Court of Louis XIV to Pavlova. Da Capo Press, 1980, ISBN 0-306-80115-9. Ballet history in biographic vignettes, a charming read.

        Mueller, John. Astaire Dancing. Random House, 1991, ISBN 0-517-06075-2. Excellent analysis and great photos.

        Page, Ruth. Class: Notes on Dance Classes Around the World 1915-1980. Princeton: Princeton Book Co., 1984, ISBN 916622-29-0.

        Petit, Roland and Gerard Mannoni. Roland Petit: un chorégraphe et ses danseurs. Paris: Editions Plume, 1992. ISBN 2-908034-38-7. A big book about Roland Petit, including mostly photographs and bios of most of the dancers he worked with (including Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Plissetskaia, Makarova, Fracci, Guillem, Bruhn...) with Petit's comments.

        Scholl, Tim. From Petipa to Balanchine: Classical Revival and the Modernization of Ballet. Routledge, 1994, ISBN 0-415-09222-1. The development of ballet in the 20th century, viewed as a continuation and extension of Petipa's work.

        Shead, Richard. Ballets Russe. London: Quarto Publishing, 1989. Reprint [apparently]. Secaucus (New Jersey): Wellfleet Press, n.d., ISBN 1-55521-438-X. Lavishly illustrated coffee-table book with intelligent and well-written accompanying text.

        Shelton, Suzanne. Ruth St. Denis: A Biography of the Divine Dancer. University of Texas at Austin Press, 1990, ISBN 0-292-77046-4. She's not taken as seriously as Duncan today, but St. Denis was immensely influential.

        Siegel, Marcia. Days on Earth: The Dance of Doris Humphrey. Duke University Press, 1993, ISBN 0-8223-1346-4. Excellent description of work and explanations of Humphrey's theoretical underpinnings, great sympathies for Humphrey as a humanist.

        Solway, Diane. A Dance Against Time: The brief, brilliant life of a Joffrey dancer. Pocket/Simon & Schuster, 1994. ISBN 0-671-78894-9. Relates the story of Edward Stierle, dancer with the Joffrey Ballet who died of AIDS-related illness in 1991.

        Sorrel, Walter. Dance Has Many Faces. A Capella Books, 1992, ISBN 1-55652-124-3.

        Stanciu-Reiss, Francoise Écrits sur Nijinsky. Paris: Editions Chiron, 1992. ISBN 2-906204-09-9. A collective book about Nijinsky--texts of various interest, some very interesting, and nice photographs.

        Stevens, Franklin. Dance As Life: a Season with American Ballet Theatre. New York: Harper & Row, 1976, ISBN 0-06-014103-4. Out of print but available from used-book dealers. This description of life in ABT is prefaced with a vivid memoir of the author's own dance training which brings the experience home to the reader as no other memoir I've read does. Worth the price for that alone.

        Stuart, Otis. Perpetual Motion: the Public and Private Lives of Rudolph Nureyev. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995, ISBN 0-671-87539-6. Life; loves and affairs; how he became a dancer; how he made all that money.

        Swift, Mary Grace. A Loftier Flight: the Life and Accomplishments of Charles-Louis Didelot, Balletmaster. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1974, ISBN 0-8195-4070-6. Very complete, very readable. Draws heavily on Russian sources, especially Yuri Slonimsky.

        Taper, Bernard. Balanchine: A Biography. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984, ISBN 0-520-06059-8. Vivid and revealing; provides some insight into Balanchine's working methods.

        Taylor, Paul. Private Domain. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1988, ISBN 0-86547-322-6. Autobiography, very anecdotal (lots of good stories!).

        Tharp, Twyla. Push Comes to Shove. Bantam, 1993, ISBN 0-553-37264-5. Autobiography, sounds the way her dances look.

        Vaughan, David. Frederick Ashton and His Ballets. Knopf, 1977, ISBN 0-394-41085-8, out of print. Great biography and analyis of style, hard to find.

        Villella, Edward. Prodigal Son. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992, ISBN 0-671-79717-4. The story of a tough, ambitious, willful man who worked with, loved, and frequently fought with George Balanchine. Gives a feeling of what it's like to take classes and to find one's way in a world-class company.

        Zorina, Vera. Vera Zorina. New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1986, ISBN not known.

      4. Criticism and Analysis

        Acocella, Joan, and Garafola, Lynn. André Levinson on Dance. Hanover, New Hampshire: Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1991, ISBN 0-8195-5227-5. Selected writings of one of the most important dance critics of the 20th century.

        Anderson, Richard L. Calliope's Sisters: A Comparative Study of Philosophies of Art. Prentice-Hall, 1989, ISBN 0-13-1554125-5. Looks at several non-Western art philosophies.

        Banes, Sally. Writing Dancing in the Age of Postmodernism. University Press of New England, 1994, ISBN 0-8195-6268-8. Collection of recent materials, excellent on postmodern dance.

        Chazin-Bennahum, Judith. The Ballets of Antony Tudor. New York: Oxford University Press, 1994, ISBN 0-19-507186-7. The great choreographer's career and works.

        Cohen, Selma Jeanne. Next Week, Swan Lake. University Press of New England, ISBN 0-8195-6110-X. Excellent introduction to philosophical issues in dance without needing a philosophy background.

        Copeland, Roger, and Cohen, Marshall, eds. What is Dance? Oxford University Press, 1983, ISBN 0-19-503197-0. Anthology of primary source readings in several areas, good overview.

        Croce, Arlene. Afterimages. Random House, 1977, ISBN 0-394-41093-9, out of print. Her first anthology, great discussion of Balanchine and NYCB.

        Denby, Edwin. Dance Writings. Knopf, 1986, ISBN 0-394-54416-1. Anthology of everything, beautiful writing even if you don't agree with him, considered spiritual father of many contemporary critics.

        --------. Looking at the Dance. New York: Pellegrini & Cudahy, 1949. Some of the best dance criticism written in the 20th century. The first part of the book ("Meaning in Ballet") is a particularly good introduction to ballet for the newcomer.

        --------. Dancers, Buildings, and People in the Streets. New York: Horizon Press, 1965. Collected dance criticism.

        Emery, Lynne Fauley. Black Dance From 1619 to Today. Ayer Co. Publishing, 1988, ISBN 0-88143-074-9.

        Foster, Susan. Reading Dancing: Bodies and Subjects in Contemporary Choreography. University of California Press, 1986, ISBN 0-520-06333-3. Deconstruction applied to contemporary dance, very influential text.

        Humphrey, Doris. The Art of Making Dances. Princeton: Princeton Book Company, ISBN 0-87127-158-3. Humphrey on choreography; a classic.

        Jowitt, Deborah. Dance Beat. Books on Demand, ISBN 0-317-28434-7. Her first anthology, great look at "dance boom" NYC.

        --------. Time and the Dancing Image. University of California Press, 1989, ISBN 0-520-06627-8. Connecting eras in dance to their historical contexts. (Why does Romantic ballet look the way it does?)

        --------. The Dance in Mind. David R. Godine, 1985, ISBN 0-87923-534-9. Anthology of more recent reviews.

        Kraus, Richard, Chapman, Sarah, & Dixon-Stowell, Brenda. History of the Dance in Art and Education. Prentice-Hall, 1990, ISBN 0-13-389362-6. College text, very helpful for dance education history (not always easy to find).

        Langer, Susanne. Problems of Art. Macmillan, 1977, ISBN 0-02-367510-1. One of the first contemporary philosophers to take dance seriously.

        Lewis, Daniel. The Illustrated Dance Technique of Jose Limon. New York: Harper & Row, 1984, ISBN 0-06-015185-4.

        Matteo. The Language of Spanish Dance. Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1990. ISBN not known.

        McFee, Graham. Understanding Dance. Routledge, 1992, ISBN 0-415-07810-5. British philosopher.

        Pagels, Jurgen. Character Dance. Indiana Univ. Press, 1984. ISBN not known.

        Siegel, Marcia. Watching the Dance Go By. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1977, ISBN 0-395-25173-7, out of print. Her first anthology.

        --------. The Shapes of Change. University of California Press, 1985, ISBN 0-520-04212-3. The history of American dance seen through specific works--excellent description.

        --------. The Tail of the Dragon. Duke University Press, 1991, ISBN 0-8223-1156-9. Recent anthology.

        Sparshot, Francis, Off the Ground: First Steps in a Philosophical Consideration of Dance. Princeton University Press, 1988, ISBN 0-692-07327-9.

        Stearns, Marshall, and Jean. Jazz Dance: The Story of American Vernacular Dance. Da Capo Press, 1994, ISBN 0-306-80553-7.

        van Praagh, Dame Peggy, and Peter Brinson. The Choreographic Art. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1963, no ISBN. A masterly survey of every aspect of the choreographer's art.

      5. Reference

        Balanchine, George, and Francis Mason. 101 Stories of the Great Ballets, edited by Francis Mason. Garden City, N. Y.: Anchor/Doubleday, 1989. Exactly what its title says.

        Baril, Jacques. Dictionnaire de danse. Paris, Editions du Seuil, 1964. ISBN not known, out of print. A small dictionary divided into 3 sections: technique, dancers, and ballets.

        Bourcier, Paul: Histoire de la danse en Occident. 2 volumes. Paris, Editions du Seuil, 1994, ISBN 2-02-023516-1, 2-02-022868-8 and 2-02-023512-9 (???). Lots of pictures.

        Brown, Ann Kipling and Monica Parker. Dance Notation for Beginners. London: Dance Books, 1984, ISBN 0-903102-71-4. Covers both Labanotation and the Benesh Notation.

        Chujoy, Anatole, and P. W. Manchester. Dance Encyclopedia. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1978. Huge and encyclopedic, a first-rate reference; unfortunately now out of print.

        Getz, Leslie. Dancers and Choreographers: A Selected Bibliography, Moyer Bell, 1995, ISBN 1-55921-109-1. Getz edits "Attitudes and Arabesques," an excellent bibliography/index--this should be as good.

        Grant, Gail. Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. New York: Dover Books, 1982, ISBN 0-486-21843-0. Describes just about every step in minute detail; the descriptions are in balletic terminology and require more than a beginner's knowledge of ballet. Highly recommended for advanced students.

        Guest, Ann Hutchinson. Dance Notation. New York: Dance Horizons, 1982, ISBN not known. An exhaustive history of dance notation from the 15th century to the present, with numerous examples.

        Hager, Bengt. Les Ballets Suédois. Paris, J. Damase, Denoël, 1989, ISBN: 2-207-23627-7. A big nice book with many pictures of sets and costumes, excerpts of reviews, etc.

        Jonas, Gerald. Dancing. Harry N. Abrams, 1992, ISBN 0-8109-3212-1. "Companion text" to PBS series, but much better than that implies.

        Kersley, Leo, and Janet Sinclair. A Dictionary of Ballet Terms. 2nd ed. London: Adam & Charles Black, 1964. Reprint. Da Capo Press, 1979, ISBN 0-306-80094-2. Illustrated with attractive line drawings; more helpful to a beginner than Grant. Definitions of steps are accompanied, where possible, by citations of ballets in which they may be seen. Discusses arqué and jarreté.

        Kirstein, Lincoln, Muriel Stuart and Carlus Dyer, The Classic Ballet. Alfred A. Knopf, 1952. No ISBN. Another essential reference for looking up steps, positions, etc., alongside Vaganova and Gail Grant. It's by far the nicest looking book of the three with the most detailed illustrations. (Note from Tim Victor.)

        Koegler, Horst. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Ballet. Oxford University Press, 1977, second edition, ISBN 0-19-311330-9, out of print. Very nice source for performance dates, original casts, brief descriptions (not a technique dictionary), not exclusively ballet.

        Mara, Thalia. The Language of Ballet. Princeton: Princeton Book Company, ISBN 0-87127-037-4. Definitions of common ballet terms. Prepared in coöperation with the National Academy of Ballet.

        Reyna, Ferdinando. Dictionnaire des ballets. Paris: Larousse, c1967. ISBN not known. An interesting pocket dictionary of ballets (and dancers and choreographers), as far as I know there hasn't been any other dictionary of this kind in French since then.

        Robertson, Allen, and Donald Hutera. The Dance Handbook. Boston, G. K. Hall & Co., 1988. ISBN 0-8161-9095-X. A handy dictionary of dance and dancers, arranged by categories.

        Ryman, Rhonda. Dictionary of Classical Ballet Terminology. Hightstown, N. J.: Princeton Book Company, 1997, ISBN 0-9524848-0-3. Based on the practice of the Royal Academy of Dancing.

        Terry, Walter. Ballet Companion. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1968.

      6. Source Materials

        Arbeau, Thoinot. Orchesiography. 1589. Trans. by Mary Stuart Evans: Kamin Dance Pub., 1948. Reprint, with introduction and notes by Julia Sutton and Labanotation section by Mireille Backer and Julia Sutton, New York: Dover Press, 1967, ISBN 0-486-21745-0. For comments, see Question D.3.

        Blasis, Carlo. Theory and Practice of the Art of Dancing. 1820. Trans. by [?] Cyril Beaumont. Reprint. New York: Dover Press, 1968, ISBN not known. For comments, see Question D.8.a.

        --------. The Code of Terpsichore. 1828. Trans. by R. Barton. Reprint. Brooklyn: Dance Horizons, no date, ISBN not known. Probably out of print. Part 1 is a brief history of dance; part 2 is essentially a repetition of Theory and Practice, part 3 deals with pantomime & part 4 with choreography. Part 5 gives the plots of 20 representative ballets--all lost now--& part 6 covers social dances.

        Cohen, Selma Jeanne, Dance as a Theater Art. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton Book Company, 1992, ISBN 0-87127-173-7. Very good collection of source materials on all aspects of dance from 1581 to 1991.

        Ebreo of Pesaro, Guglielmo. De Pratica seu Arte Tripudii ("On the Practice or Art of Dancing."). 1463. Trans. by Barbara Sparti and Michael Sullivan. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993, ISBN 0-19-816574-9. One of the earliest treatises on dance by a court dancing master in Renaissance Italy.

        Noverre, Jean Georges. Letters on Dancing and Ballets. 1803. Trans. by Cyril Beaumont, 1930. Reprint. Brooklyn, New York: Dance Horizons, 1975, ISBN not known. For comments, see Question D.7.

        Steinberg, Cobbett, ed. The Dance Anthology. New York: New American Library, 1980, ISBN 0-452-25702-6. Anthology of primary source readings with brief historical essays--very valuable but very out of print.

      7. Technique

        Barringer, Janice, and Sarah Schlesinger. The Pointe Book. Pennington (New Jersey). Pennington (N. J.): Princeton Book Company, 1991, ISBN 0-87127-150-8.

        Dolin, Anton. Pas de Deux: the Art of Partnering. New York: Dover. ISBN 0-486-22038-9

        Grieg, Valerie. Inside Ballet Technique: Separating anatomical fact from fiction in the ballet class. Princeton, 1994. ISBN 0-87127-191-5. Explains anatomical laws and body mechanics in relation to ballet technique.

        Hammond, Sandra Noll Ballet Basics (Third Edition). Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1993, ISBN 1-55934-134-3. "Designed for the adult beginner, Ballet Basics provides basic instruction for ballet technique and conditioning, information on the history of ballet, and a guide for evaluating and appreciating ballet performance." --from the blurb.

        Kostrovitskaya, Vera. 100 Lessons in Classical Ballet (trans. Oleg Briansky) New York: Limelight Editions, 1987, ISBN 0-87910-068-0. The Eight-Year Program of Leningrad's Vaganova Choreographic School.

        -------- and A. Pisarev. School of Classical Dance (trans. John Barker). Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1979. The book bears the following identification numbers: 80105-1003 / K----------123-79 / 014(01)-79.

        Lawson, Joan. Teaching Young Dancers. Brooklyn: Theatre Arts Books, 1984, out of print. Good on placement (contains some instructive anatomical drawings); explains many steps (although by no means all), with descriptions and photographs showing right and wrong ways to execute them.

        Messerer, Asaf. Classes in Classical Ballet. Garden City: Doubleday, 1975, ISBN 0-385-04599-9.

        Moss, Dena Simone and Allison Kyle Leopold. The Joffrey Ballet School's Ballet-Fit. New York: St Martin's Griffin, 1998, ISBN 0-312-19470-6. In effect, two books: an essential introduction to ballet for adult beginners, and a ballet-based workout. (The title refers to the second part.) The first part is invaluable for adults starting ballet. Read this and you won't just try one class and give up in despair. Highly recommended.

        Royal Academy of Dancing. Step-by-Step Ballet Class. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1993, ISBN 0-8092-3499-8. Describes and illustrates elementary steps; organized by grade from pre-primary to grade five.

        Vaganova, Agrippina. Basic Principles of Classical Ballet. New York: Dover Books, 1969, ISBN 0-486-22036-2. Recommended to all students. Gives basic conceptions of classical ballet, on through the most advanced form of each movement. Includes sample lessons and musical accompaniment information. 118 illustrations.

        Warren, Gretchen. Classical Ballet Technique. Tampa: University of South Florida Press, 1989, ISBN 0-8130-0945-6. A picture book for serious dancers: a dictionary of steps defined by photographs of them as done by professionals. A companion book to Grant or to Kersley and Sinclair.

      8. Stretching, fitness, & sports/dance medicine

        Alter, Judy. Stretch and Strengthen. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1986, ISBN 0-395-52808-9. One of the references recommended in Brad Appleton's stretching FAQ.

        Alter, Michael. Sport Stretch. Leisure Press, 1990, ISBN 0-88011-381-2. One of the references recommended in Brad Appleton's stretching FAQ.

        Arnheim, Daniel. Dance Injuries: Their Prevention & Care. 2nd edition. St Louis: C. V. Mosby, 1980, ISBN 0-8016-0313-7.

        Berardi, Gigi. Finding Balance: Fitness and Training for a Lifetime in Dance. Princeton:. Princeton Book Company/Dance Horizons, ISBN 0-87127-160-5.

        Blakey, W. Paul. Stretching Without Pain. Twin Eagles Educational & Healing Institute, Box 2031, Sechelt, British Columbia V0N 3A0, Canada. ISBN 1-896238-00-9.

        --------. The Muscle Book. Twin Eagles Educational & Healing Institute, Box 2031, Sechelt, British Columbia V0N 3A0, Canada. ISBN 1-896238-01-7

        Chmelar, Robin and Sally Fitt. Diet for Dancers.

        Cooper, Robert K. Health & Fitness Excellence: The Scientific Action. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1989, ISBN 0-395-54453-X. One of the references recommended in Brad Appleton's stretching FAQ.

        Fitt, Sally S. Dance Kinesiology, second edition. New York: Schirmer Books, 1998, ISBN 0-02-864507-3. General introduction to bones and muscles of the human body, with application to dance. Good selection of exercises, and also brief summary of exercise and conditioning systems such as Feldenkrais, Rolfing, etc.

        Howse and Hancock. Dance Technique and Injury Prevention. London: A & C Black, 1992, ISBN 0-7136-3601-7; Theatre Arts Books/Routledge, 1992, ISBN 0-87830-022-8.

        Kurz, Tom. Stretching Scientifically: a Guide to Flexibility Training. Stadion, 1994, ISBN 0-940149-30-3. One of the references recommended in Brad Appleton's stretching FAQ.

        Landis, Robyn. Body-Fueling: the Ground-Breaking Approach to Eating for Health, Energy, Fitness, and Fat Loss. Warner Books, 1994, ISBN 0-446-51767-4.

        Nagrin, Daniel. How to Dance Forever: Surviving Against the Odds. New York: William Morrow, 1988, ISBN 0-688-07479-0.

        North, Larry. Get Fit! The Last Fitness Book You Will Ever Need. Summit, ISBN 1-56530-026-2.

        Root, Leon & Thomas Kiernan. Oh, My Aching Back. New York: David McKay Co., 1973, no ISBN.

        Ryan and Stephens. The Dancer's Complete Guide to Healthcare and a Long Career. Bonus Books, 1988, ISBN 0-933893-79-0.

      9. Books for Young People

        Starting Ballet. Peter Usborne, (ISBN 0-7460-0982-8). This gives beginner's techniques, proper skills and how to practice as well as a basic introduction. Step-by-step illustrations give clear direction. For Ages 5-8. [Usborne books are available in the U. S. from Debby McConnell, 1-800-727-1105 x55 or (703) 781-8230.]

        Varriale, Jim. Kids Dance: The Students of Ballet Tech. New York: Dutton Children's Books, 1999, ISBN:0-525-45536-1. Ballet Tech is "the first public school for ballet." This book is about Ballet Tech and the youngsters who go there.

        Usborne Guide to Dance (ISBN 0-7460-0087-1) and Usborne Guide to Ballet (ISBN 0-7460-0085-5). Peter Usborne. Both guides contain a combination of illustrations and full color photographs and is a practical, informative introduction for absolute beginners. Includes simple steps and exercises to try. For Ages 10 and up.

        World of Ballet. Peter Usborne, ISBN 0-7460-1692-1. A complete guide to the glamour and excitement of the world of ballet. With full color photographs throughout. For Ages 10 and up.

      10. Dance photography

        (These titles contributed by Jim Williams. The quoted comments are his.)

        Brodovitch, Alexey. Ballet: 104 Photographs by Alexey Brodovitch, text by Edwin Denby. New York: J. J. Augustin, 1945, pre-ISBN. Extremely rare collection of his photographs of Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo from the 1930s.

        Crickmay, Anthony. Dancers. Introduction by Andrew Porter. New York: W. Morrow, 1982, ISBN 0-688-01239-6. "Crickmay, a British photographer, concentrates on studying dancers where they work, practice and perform, but his uncanny eye for composition and feeling for light raise his work far beyond the level of routine reportage."

        Edwards, Harvey. The Art of Dance. Foreword by Bruce Marks. Boston: Little, Brown, c1989, ISBN 0-8212-1734-8. This is the Edwards who did the poster of the girl in the torn legwarmers.

        Ewing, William A. Dance and Photography (U. S. title); The Fugitive Gesture (British title). New York: H. Holt, c1987, ISBN 0-8050-0591-9. A history of the field, "the only serious scholarly work I've seen on the subject."

        Ewing, William A. Breaking Bounds: the dance photography of Lois Greenfield. London : Thames & Hudson, c1992, ISBN 0-8118-0232-9. "An extremely gifted and insightful artist...has an amazing ability to `translate' the psychological elements of dance into two-dimensional compositions."

        Money, Keith. Fonteyn and Nureyev: The Great Years. London: Harvill; New York: Harper Collins [dist.], 1994, ISBN 0-00-271375-6. "A wonderful `extended essay'...backstage views of these two brilliant, highly-contrasting personalities working together to create their art."

        Morgan, Barbara. Martha Graham: Sixteen Dances in Photographs. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Morgan & Morgan, c1980, ISBN 0- 87100-176-4. Photographs of the company in its formative years.

        Petitjean, Pierre. Backstage. (Trans. by Richard and Jeanette Seaver.) New York : Viking Press, 1979, ISBN not known.

        Severn, Merlyn. Ballet in Action. With an introductory essay and critical notes by Arnold L. Haskell. London: J. Lane, 1947, pre- ISBN. "The first person to make a serious, ongoing effort to photograph dancers in performance as a way of better understanding their art."

        Waldman, Max. Waldman on Dance. Foreword by Lucille Tortora; special dedication by Gelsey Kirkland with Greg Lawrence. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1992, ISBN not known. "A very stylized view."

      11. Fiction

        These are mostly recommendations from people on the alt.arts.ballet newsgroup. I apologize for the scanty bibliographic information.

        Anholt, Laurence. Degas and the Little Dancer. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Baum, Vicky. Theme for Ballet. Publisher, date, ISBN not known. "A four-hanky tearjerker."

        Bernard, Elizabeth. Satin Slippers. A series of at least 11 books. Apparently out of print. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Brahms, Caryl and S. J. Simon. Murder a la Stroganoff (British Title: Casino for Sale). International Polygonics, Ltd., 1985. ISBN 0-930330-33-1

        --------. Six Curtains for Stroganova. (also Six Curtains for Natasha). International Polygonics, Ltd., 1986. ISBN 0-930330-49-8.

        --------. A Bullet in the Ballet. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Butterworth, Emma Macalik. As the Waltz Was Ending. New York: Scholastic, 1982, ISBN 0-590-3320-4. German dancer's experiences before and during World War II.

        Daneman, Meredith. A Chance to Sit Down. New York: Doubleday, 1971, ISBN not known. A young woman's career and relationships.

        Daniels, Kristy. The Dancer. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Dean, Karen Strickler. A Time to Dance. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        --------. Maggie Adams, Dancer. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Englebrecht, Pat. The Promise of Moonstone. Ballantine Books, 1983, ISBN 0449700933

        Godden, Rumer. A Candle for St. Jude. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        --------. Pippa Passes. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        --------. Thursday's Children. Publisher, date, ISBN not known. (young adult)

        --------. Listen to the Nightingale. Publisher, date, ISBN not known. (ages 9-12)

        Isadora, Rachel. Lili at the Ballet. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Kress, Nancy. Dancing on air. ISBN 0 96483205=4

        Liption, James. Mirrors. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        McMullan, Kate. Nutcracker Noel. Publisher, date, ISBN not known. (for children)

        Murphy, Tom. Ballet. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Nunez, Sigrid. A Feather on the Breath of God. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Pinard, Nancy. Shadow Dancing. Story of a 17-year-old dancer who goes from the midwest to New York to seek her career. Disc-Us Books, 1998, ISBN 1-58444-003-1. Available from

        Powell, Michael and Emeric Pressburger. The Red Shoes. London: Ungar Frederick Pub Co, January 1987, ISBN 0804426872. Also: New York "A Wyatt Book for St Martin's Press" 1997 ISBN: 0-312-15637-5. Adapted from the movie.

        Rees, Elizabeth. Heart Beats. A series of at least 6 books. Publisher probably Aladdin.

        Robinson, Spider & Jeanne Robinson. The Star Dancers. Baen Books, 1997. ISBN: 0-67187802-6. A science-fiction story about a dancer.

        Stewart, Edward. Ballerina. Doubleday and Company, 1979. ISBN 0-42505392-X

        Streetfield, Noel. Ballet Shoes. Random House, 1995. ISBN: 0-67984759-6.

        Sweeney, Joan. Bijou, Bonbon & Beau. ISBN 0-8118-1975-2. For children.

        Ure, Jean. What if They Saw me Now? Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        --------. You Win Some You Lose Some. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        Whitney, Phyllis. The Stone Bull. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

        --------. The Black Swan. Publisher, date, ISBN not known.

      12. Miscellaneous

        Blom, Lynne Anne, and L. Tarin Chaplin. The Moment of Movement: Dance Improvisation. Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1988, ISBN 0-8229-3586-4. Just what its title says. Sketchy coverage of contact improvisation.

        The Dance Directory. A listing of north American ballet companies with information about the company: artistic directors, staff, seasons, audition requirements, salary, contracts, company history, & so on. There are also European and ballroom-dance editions. THE DANCE DIRECTORY, P. O. Box 904 New York, New York 10023. Tel (212) 535-3757, Fax (212) 535-3757.

        Folts, Claudia. Classical Ballet Costumes for Men. (ISBN not known). Instructions and patterns for making men's tunics and vests. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. The Classical Tutu Book. (ISBN not known). Instructions and patterns for making a classical tutu. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. The Romantic Tutu Book. (ISBN not known). Instructions and patterns for making a romantic tutu. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. Classical Tutusfor Children. (ISBN not known). Instructions and patterns for making a classical tutu for children. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. The Ultimate Ballet Skirt. (ISBN not known). Instructions and patterns for making various types of ballet skirts. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. Finishing Touches: The Art of Embellishment. (ISBN not known). How to design and decorate ballet costumes, with many patterns and instructions for plates, overlays, sleeves, headpieces, wings. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. Leotards, Unitards, Tights and Dance Dresses Made Easy. (ISBN not known). Instructions and patterns for leotards, unitards, tights, dance dresses, men's dance boots. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        --------. Forms, Flyers, and Policies: The Dance Business Made Easy. (ISBN not known). Examples, samples, and templates for operating a successful dance school. Available from Tutu.Com, PO Box 472287, Charlotte, N.C. 28247-2287, (704) 542-2433

        Gibbon, Monk. The Red Shoes Ballet And The Tales Of Hoffmann. New York, London: Garland, 1977, ISBN 0824028783. About the making of the movies.

        Gordon, Suzanne. Off Balance: the Real World of Ballet. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1984. The dark side of ballet: anorexia, the position of women in ballet, stage mothers, etc.

        Guest, Ann Hutchinson. Labanotation: or, Kinetography Laban: the system of analyzing and recording movement; illustrated by Doug Anderson. New York : Theatre Arts Books, 1977, ISBN 0-87830-527-0. About the Laban system of dance notation.

        Harrison, Mary Kent. How to Dress Dancers: Costume Techniques for Dance. Heightstown (N.J.), Princeton Book Co., 1988, ISBN 0-87127-208-3. Reprint of 1957 edition, so no information on working with fabrics containing Lycra (TM). Well illustrated, but not for absolute beginners.

        Korsick, Alex. An Insider's Guide to to Judging Dance Competitions. Information on all details of dance competitions; useful for dancers as well as prospective judges. Available via

        Laws, Kenneth, and Cynthia Harvey. Physics, Dance, and the Pas de Deux. New York: Schirmer Books, 1994, ISBN 0-02-871326-5. Companion videotape ISBN 0-02-871327-3. Newtonian mechanics applied to ballet technique. Not for every dancer, but very illuminating for anyone who comes to ballet with a technical or scientific background.

        Novack, Cynthia. Sharing the Dance. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1990, ISBN 0-299-12440-1. About contact improvisation.

        Pagels, Jurgen. Character Dance. Indiana Univ. Press, 1984. ISBN 0-253-31337-6.

        Sawyer, Elizabeth. Dance with the Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985, ISBN 0-521-31925-0. Mostly for pianists who accompany classes and rehearsals, but interesting reading for anyone who cares about music for ballet.

        Shaffner, Terri. A Guide for Managing a Successful Dance Studio. GoodReeder Publications, 1996, ISBN 1-885945-000. What its title says, written by an author with more than twenty years' experience directing studios. Available from the author, Terri Shaffner, 5951 Rollingsfjord Dr., Hamilton, Ohio 45011, for $15.95 plus $1.75 shipping.

        Wolfram, Eric. Your Dance Resume. San Francisco, Calif.: Dancepress [(800) 815-6422] 1995, ISBN 1-880404-06-0. Provides concise and easily readable step-by-step advice for dancers negotiating today's competitive job market: preparation of resumes and cover letters; photographs and videos; and advice securing and triumphantly navigating auditions. Out of print, but still available from the author: For single copy, send a check for $13.95 plus $2 shipping to:

        Eric Wolfram
        735 Harrison Street, Third Floor
        San Francisco, Calif. 94107
        (415) 974-0551

        Stern's Performing Arts Directory. Lists: agents, choreographers, companies, composers, conductors, managers, performers, schools, teachers. Available from Dance Magazine for $68.50; phone (510) 839-6060.

    2. Periodicals

      (Thanks to Estelle Souche for names of French magazines.)

      American Dance
      American Dance Guild
      31 West 21st Street
      New York, New York 10010
      (212) 627-3790
      Fax: (212) 675-9657
      Articles, reviews, conference reports, member news, ads.

      Attitude: The Dancers' Magazine
      Dance Giant Steps
      1040 Park Place, Suite C-5
      Brooklyn, New York 11213

      Attitudes and Arabesques (guide to current dance publications)
      Leslie Getz
      Getz Dance Library
      1075 Marcusen Drive
      Menlo Park, Calif. 94025
      (415) 326-9775

      Ballet Review
      Marcel Dekker, Inc.
      46 Morton Street
      New York, N. Y. 10014
      (212) 633-8264

      Ballet 2000
      [France:] BALLET 2000
      10, av.du General de Gaullle
      06240 Beausoleil
      [Italy:] BALLETTO OGGI
      Alzaia Naviglio Grande 46
      20144 Milano
      [Spain:] BALLET 2000
      Apartado Postal 17226
      28080 Madrid

      Ballett International / Tanz Aktuell
      Reinhardtstrasse 29
      D-10117 Berlin

      Contact Quarterly
      P.O. Box 603
      Northampton, Mass. 01060

      Dance & Fitness
      627 North Palm Drive
      Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210
      (310) 271-1966
      Fax: (310) 271-1288

      Dance and the Arts (was Dance Pages)
      P.O. Box 916
      Ansonia Station
      New York, N. Y. 10023

      Dance Australia
      GPO box 606
      Sydney NSW
      (02) 2812333
      Fax(02) 2812750

      Dance Chronicle
      Marcel Dekker Journals
      POB 5017
      Monticello, New York 12701-5176
      Dance Chronicle: Studies in Dance and the Related Arts is a scholarly journal with an emphasis on dance history. The topics are fairly wide-ranging.

      Dance Expression
      Subscriptions Dept,
      A.E.Morgan Publications Ltd,
      Stanley House,
      9 West Street,
      Epsom, Surrey.
      KT18 7RL
      Covers more than ballet (tap, ballroom, line-dancing, etc).

      Dance Gazette
      For information, see

      Dance Ink
      145 Central Park West
      New York, N. Y. 10023

      Dance International
      Roedde House
      1415 Barclay Street
      Vancouver, BC V6G 1J6
      (604) 681-1525
      Fax (604) 681-7732

      Dance Magazine
      111 Myrtle Street
      Oakland, Calif. 94607
      Phone: (510) 839-6060
      Fax: (510) 839-6066
      Subscriptions: (800) 331-1750

      Dance Now
      Dance Books Ltd.
      15 Cecil Court
      St. Martin's Lane
      London WC2N 4EZ, England.

      Dance Teacher Magazine (formerly Dance Teacher Now)
      250 West 57th Street, Ste 420
      New York, N. Y. 10107
      Caitlin Sims, editor

      Dance Technique Newsletter
      Cynthia Roses, Editor
      Dance Publications
      P.O.Box 1021
      Nokomis, Fla 34274-1021

      1-21-7 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku,
      Tokyo 112, Japan

      Dancer Publishing Company, Inc.
      2809 Bird Ave.
      Suite 231
      Coconut Grove, Fla. 33133
      (305) 460-3225

      Dancing Through Life
      P.O. Box 15087
      Washington, DC 20003-0087
      For adult students of dance and their instructors.

      The Dancing Times
      45-47 Clerkenwell Green
      London EC1R 0EB, England
      Tel: +44 171 250 3006
      Fax: +44 171 253 6679

      P.O. Box 34435
      Martin Luther King Station
      Washington, D. C. 20043

      Danse Conservatoire
      33 rue de Douai
      75009 Paris
      fax: 93/41/61/55

      Service des abonnements
      BP 68 7
      77932 Perthes Cedex
      fax: 40/02/63/90

      Human Kinetics Publishers
      Box 5076, Champaign, Ill. 61825-5076
      Impulse is fairly new (only 3-4 years) and was founded by academics as
      an academic journal. Thus far, most of the articles have been about
      teaching issues, both physical and psychological.

      Pointe Magazine
      250 West 57th Street, Ste 420
      New York, N. Y., 10107
      Virginia Johnson, editor

      Les Saisons de la Danse
      Service des abonnements
      7 avenue Rachel
      75018 Paris
      tel: 43/87/08/69
      Fax: 42/93/97/74

      Studies in Dance History
      Princeton Periodicals
      P.O. Box 380
      Pennington, N. J. 08534

      Tanz Affiche
      Eggerthgasse 10/1
      A-1060 Wien
      Tel: 586 80 26
      Fax: 586 26 10

      TBC News (Newsletter of Trisha Brown's company)
      225 Lafayette Street
      Suite 807
      New York, N. Y. 10012

      Zona de Danza Cerro de las Torres 307, Col. Campestre
      Churubusco, C.P. 04200, Mexico D.F.
      $150.00 Pesos OR US $30.00 for 6 numbers.
      Tels/Fax: 5544-2401, 5544-7953, 5549-7621, 5549-4608, 5549-4683.

      I've seen a Hungarian publication, Tancmüvészet (literally, "Dance Art"'), but I didn't have an opportunity to translate the publication information. Later, perhaps.

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