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Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes > Don't Take Our Word for It


"Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are the wave of the future. The old paste shoes are going to go the way of vinyl records."

David Howard, Internationally Renowned Ballet Teacher and Coach

"The shape of my legs has changed, the muscles have elongated and become less bulky, as result of having to be 'up on my leg' in Gaynor Minden."

Vanessa Palmer, First Artist, Royal Ballet

"As a professional dancer, I've come to realize that what makes this art form truly magical is something beyond technique. Gaynor Mindens give me the added confidence to reach this next level. I know my shoes will be soundless, and fit perfectly. I go onstage ready to completely enjoy the movement and the moment."

Gillian Murphy, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre

"Most dancers I work with find that Gaynor Mindens are more protective to the feet than any other pointe shoe. They greatly minimize certain problems dancers are continually plagued with, such as painful blisters, corns, and calluses. In terms of design for comfort, I can't think of another pointe shoe that comes close."

Dr. Alan Woodle, Consulting Podiatrist, Pacific Northwest Ballet

“Gaynor Mindens strengthen the feet and elongate the leg muscles. They facilitate articulate footwork, good balance, and correct technique. Gaynor Mindens shape to the foot, allowing it to become an extension of the leg in a long, continuous line. I recommend them to everyone I teach. They are a must for my students.”

The Late Melissa Hayden, Former Principal Dancer of New York City Ballet, and North Carolina School of the Arts Senior Faculty Teacher, Jan. '06

“I highly recommend the Gaynor Minden pointe shoe for training of young dancers—it is not only the professional who enjoys its benefits. It supports the foot in such a way that the dancer is better able to feel and attain correct alignment on pointe.
The shoe is superb for students!”

Mignon Furman, May 2006

“Gaynor Mindens are excellent for the beginning pointe student. They enable the dancer to build her own strength in the foot, without overly relying on the shoe. They encourage the correct position of the toes, and provide just enough resistance for a smooth roll-up and roll-down. I strongly recommend this shoe—along with good training—as a perfect way to be introduced to the wonderful world of pointe work!
It’s the shoe of the new generation.”

Kathryn Sullivan, April 2006
“Gaynor Mindens are extremely popular in our area. I think the demand is so great because they enhance the line of the foot and are truly more comfortable than any other pointe shoe. Parents
and students alike appreciate the durability of the Gaynor Minden.”

Leslie Roy-Heck, Owner, Saratoga Dance, Saratoga Springs, NY; former Soloist New York City Ballet

“I am so glad to have discovered Gaynor Minden. I dance in them with extra confidence and joy.”

Yana Serebriakova, Coryphee, Kirov Ballet

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes help me dance my best—I love them.”

Tatiana Tkachenko, Soloist, Kirov Ballet

"It's nice to put on a brand new pair of pointe shoes with bare feet and not feel that they will rip the skin off my feet."

Beatriz Rodriguez, former Principal, The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago

"Our pointe shoe sales have doubled since we started carrying Gaynor Mindens."

Nancy Hanley, Owner, Dance Threadz, Huntington Beach, California

"Within three weeks of switching to Gaynor Mindens the shape of an eleven year old student's legs visibly improved. As a result of using [another brand of] pointe shoes that permitted her to roll out over her little toes, her outer calf muscles had become overdeveloped. Because Gaynor Mindens align the dancer correctly over her toes and do not allow rolling out, my student's musculature changed to become properly shaped and balanced. I now start my beginners in Gaynor Mindens and recommend them to all my students."

Jody Jaron, Associate Director, School of the Garden State Ballet and Artistic Director, School of the Garden State Ballet Youth Company

"These are the shoes I have been waiting for all my life!"

Karen Brown, Artistic Director, Oakland Ballet Former Principal, Dance Theatre of Harlem

"Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are very comfortable, very durable, and extremely quiet. They are perfect for Giselle, Sylphide, Odette, Scotch Symphony and for Tudor."

Irina Chistyakova, Former Principal Dancer, The Kirov Ballet

“I fell in love with GM shoes immediately because the shoes are very comfortable and pliable and I don't need to spend hours to make them fit. And even after several grueling hours without taking them off, I always feel comfort and support. After using them for awhile, I understood that GM shoes can last much longer than the shoes I used to wear; not just one or two rehearsals.

Veronika Part, Soloist, American Ballet Theatre; Principal, Kirov Ballet

"Gaynor Minden is the best-selling of all shoes in our market!"

Mary Sherowski, Bodygears, Rutland, Vermont

"It felt like I was dancing in the sky on puffy white clouds. I didn't want to take them off and when I was done with class my feet came out of my shoes blister-free! I wish you a lot of business. I can never thank you enough!"

Courtney Uriuoli, Satisfied Customer, Chelsea, New York

“Ballet has always been hard, but Gaynor Mindens make it easier. I’ve worn them for seven years already. I love them. They don’t make any noise when I jump and I can use the same pair many times because they last longer.”

Erica Cornejo, 2006
Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet

“I have been wearing Gaynor Mindens for almost three years; I am thrilled with the results. Amazing as it sounds, they have changed how I dance and have certainly lessened the pain I had in my feet and ankles. A godsend!”

Tara Birtwhistle, left, 2006
Principal Dancer, Royal Winnipeg Ballet

“In Gaynor Mindens I am free to take my dancing to my highest possible level, because I never worry about consistency, durability, comfort, or quietness. I cannot imagine going back to a traditional pointe shoe.”

—Alina Cojocaru, 2005

"Gaynor Mindens are extremely popular in our area. I think the demand is so great because they enhance the line of the foot and are truly more comfortable than any other pointe shoe. Parents and students alike appreciate the durability of the Gaynor Minden."

Leslie Roy, Owner, Saratoga Dance, Saratoga Springs, New York Former Soloist New York City Ballet

"Working against the consistent resistance of the shank strengthened my feet. It forms well to my foot, allowing me to work through my demi-pointe and making a good line. It places you right on balance; it's easy to pirouette and jump and they are extremely quiet."

Melissa Wishinski, 1st Prix Especes, 1997 Prix de Lausanne, Bronze Medalist, Jackson International Competition, 1997

Gaynor Minden is the most innovative idea since Spandex. Their variety of styles makes the fit more tailored and allows me to fit more people than other brands."

Matt Lincir, Owner, Alva's Dancewear, and Creator of Alva's Ballet Barres, San Pedro, California